Okey Plus

All you need to know about Okey Plus. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Okey Plus - All you need to know about Okey Plus. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Okey Plus

Okey Plus Is a Famous Tile-based Game

Okey Plus is a tile-based game, very famous in Turkey. It is roughly constantly played with four players, while in theory can be played with two or three. It is very parallel to the other tile game as it is played with the identical group of boards and tiles yet with various regulations. The game in fact advanced from the innovative Rummikub via literary contacts. It is very well known not just at homes however also at coffeehouses.


This Okey Plus is for four players played with numbered tiles. The goal of the game is to organize own tiles in similar color series or sets of tiles with the matching number. Throughout each Okey Plus game one tile is allocated as a wildcard that can be utilized to replace any other tile. One hundred six tiles in four colors, numbered from one to thirteen are used in the game, as well as 2 unnumbered particular tiles, so named false jokers. It is a tile with a clover leaf. It can substitute only the tiles which are jokers throughout the game. The jokers are the tiles of the similar color and one number higher than the tile placed face up in the core of the table once the Okey Plus is begun. In the game displayed the joker is red 5. That tile substitutes any other tile. The false joker or clover constantly swaps the joker tile and only that tile. Four players play the Okey Plus in the counter-clockwise path. Every player acquires fourteen tiles, apart from the player beginning the game, who obtains one tile additional and sets off the game by removing one ineffective tile. At the start you must reorganize your tiles so as to assemble the tiles which can generate sets and settle on which tiles are not necessary. The purpose is, by illustrating and removing tiles, to be the primary to outline a hand that contains exclusively of sets of identical numbered tiles, and conveys of the following tiles of the matching color. To assemble the 14 tiles structuring a victorious hand is the goal of the game.

The appealing hands are composed of 14 tiles, outlined completely into sets and operates two sets of 3 and two runs at 4, or a run of 6 plus a run of 4 plus a set of 4.  No tile can be utilized as part of more than one grouping, set or run at the same time. A group contains of 3 or 4 tiles of the similar number and various colors. Hence for instance a black 7 plus two red 7′s would not create an official set. A run contains of 3 or more following tiles of the color.
The 1 can be utilized as the lowest tile, beneath the 2, or as the highest tile, above the 13, however not both immediately. Thus red 1-2-3 or black 12-13-1 would be official runs, yet green 13-1-2 would not be official or seven pairs. Each pair should compose of 2 tiles of the identical color and having the similar number. Furthermore, to label chosen tiles joker for instance, players can overturn them by double clicking on them. In any moment of Okey Plus, players can categorize all titles by colors or values by utilizing the buttons on the right side.

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